Veterans Day and a Rohan Murphy Visit

posted Nov 11, 2016, 11:10 AM by Cecil Snead   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:24 AM ]
On behalf of the Buckingham
County School system and myself, we thank all the veterans for their courage during active service; and we thank all of the veterans for their selfless contributions to our country.  If you had the privilege of attending our Veterans Day program at the elementary school today, or our program at the preschool yesterday, you witnessed a heartfelt recognition by our students.  We had the awesome privilege of honoring 80+ veterans today at Buckingham Elementary School.  The students and staff did a remarkable job of entertaining and dining with our guests.  After breakfast was served, our guests retired to the gymnasium for a celebration of freedom and honor by our student body.

Mr. Rohan Murphy spoke to our faculty and staff at our Buckingham County Public School Convocation at the beginning of the school year.  Our employees were so moved by Rohan's inspirational message of truth and honor, they "begged" for me to have him speak to the student body.  I concurred because I was moved and inspired by Rohan's story.  Well, that dream came true today when Mr. Rohan Murphy addressed grades 5-8 in one assembly and grades 9-12 in another assembly.  In my interactions with students today, I can assure you that his message of overcoming adversity resounded with our students.  He had a message to be your "best self" and use "no excuses" as you strive to meet your goals.  He's living proof that life is about hard work if you're to make your dreams come true.  To find out more about Rohan's inspiring message to youth visit:
(You will have to copy/paste this link to your browser.  Also, be patient because the video starts after 12 seconds.)  :-)